Chatting with Regina Marunde

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„What’s your “story” – what makes you unique?

I’m Regina Marunde, I’m 45 and living in Berlin. I’ve been a professional mountain bike racer for 15 years . I started racing as professional in 1991 because I got on the national team. Before cycling, I was a runner and a triathlete. I’ve been on both triathlon and mtb national teams so I had to decide between the two. Then I decided that mountain biking was more fun and that was the start of my profession as a mtb rider. In 1996, I started in the Olympics, the highest point in my career. I was also in the World Cup series until 2004. I was in the top ten and then I wanted to be a finalist at the 2004 Olympics, but I crashed before and broke many bones. It was too late to qualify even though it had been a really good season for me.“

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